Worldwide Airline Cooperation: How does it work?
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Worldwide Airline Cooperation: How does it work?

DALLAS – In the early days of commercial aviation at the beginning of the XX Century, the world only saw a few passenger airlines transporting passengers mainly between the biggest capital cities in Europe and the United States.

Of all of them, only a few, such as Avianca (AV), KLM (KL), Qantas (QF), or Aeroflot (SU), have survived history-changing events due to their strong economic models and strategies, but also because of the cooperation and help, they provided between them.

In this article, we will explain three different global airline cooperation strategies that have influenced the way the industry has developed over the years.

United Airlines and Lufthansa are perfect examples of airline cooperation thanks to their solid and long-lasting codeshare agreement, influenced by their presence in Star Alliance. Photo: Luca Flores/Airways.

Codeshare Agreements

A codeshare agreement is a commonly used practice in commercial aviation, where a specific route flown by one carrier is marketed and published by two or more partner airlines and added to their flight schedules.

Even though the flight is operated by only one airline under one “prime flight code,” every other partner assigns its flight number to the route to be able to sell tickets on their websites and travel agencies.

This is a widely used method between carriers that belong to the same airline alliance or group. The objective is to increase the number of tickets sold per flight and offer a wider route network to travelers.

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Featured image: Adrian Nowakowski/Airways

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