Red Sea Airport to Open by End of 2023

Red Sea Airport to Open by End of 2023

DALLAS – Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea Global (RSG), responsible for the construction of the Red Sea International Airport (RSI), has confirmed that the airport is set to open by the end of 2023.

The airport is expected to serve 1 million passengers annually—a limited number based on environmental handling capacity, according to the developer, and will handle a total capacity of 900 passengers per hour. Tourists going to the Red Sea Project resort will use RSI.

The Red Sea Project resort will include 50 hotels and 1,300 residential homes with a marina and entertainment and leisure facilities across 22 islands and six land sites. 

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Red Sea International Airport

The airport’s location is crucial, as 80% of the world’s population can travel to the airport in less than eight hours. The airport consists of five pods, which represent the desert’s dunes and will be departure lounges. Additionally, there will be greenery between pods where travelers can spend time. 

The architecture firm Foster + Partners is behind the design of the airport, which is scheduled to welcome its first passengers in 2023. Initially, the airport will only receive a couple of thousand passengers each year until 2030, when it is expected to accommodate a million passengers.

The max capacity of the airport will be one million passengers per year, according to the developers, due to the environmental handling capacity of the Red Sea resort.

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Comments by Saudi officials

Red Sea Global CEO John Pagano commented, “Red Sea International will set new standards in sustainable aviation, and the ongoing construction works are a critical part of building that legacy… Not only is the airport sustainably designed, but aesthetically, it takes inspiration from the forms of the surrounding desert, the green oasis, and the sea.”

Pagano added, “The roof shell, which Reem Emirates Saudi will deliver, typifies this, with dune-like pods radiating out from the center, providing an arresting welcome as guests first arrive to THE RED SEA from above.”

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Reem Emirates Saudi General Manager Naser Al Marzooqi stated, “Our partnership with RSG marks the start of an exciting chapter in revolutionizing airport offerings, while closely aligning with the strategic goals of Vision 2030.”

Al Marzooqi added, “We are excited to bring our in-depth knowledge and local expertise to the project and hope to see such world-class standards of sustainable airports become more widespread throughout the region.”

Stay tuned to Airways for further coverage of the RSI development, including a deep dive into the airport and a special interview on the way.

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