Aircraft Pre-runs Runway at Schiphol Airport

Aircraft Pre-runs Runway at Schiphol Airport

DALLAS – A Delta Air Lines (DL) aircraft pre-ran the runway this morning at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS) due to causes as yet unknown.

The airport said in a comment that the back of the DL plane landed on the unpaved section of AMS’ East Runway around 8 a.m. The runway was damaged as a result and could not be used for an hour.

The runway has since been opened again, according to AMS.

The Dutch Safety Board (Onderzoeksraad Voor Veiligheid, OVV) announced on Twitter that it had been notified and was on its way to Schiphol for an exploratory investigation.

After the incident, the plane was taxied to the gate, the Schiphol spokesman said. There, passengers were able to disembark.

There were more than DL 10 arrivals during the time of the landing incident. Table:

Wrong Runway

The East Runway is Schiphol’s shortest runway. The southwest-facing runway is not used daily, but today it was because of the strong wind.

Schiphol reported the incorrect landing to the OVV. The latter is conducting a preliminary investigation to see if it is necessary to conduct a more thorough investigation into the incident.

Featured image: N501DN Delta Air Lines Airbus A350-900 at Amsterdam airport. Photo: Adrian Nowakowski/Airways

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