Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Allowed to Cut Flights

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Allowed to Cut Flights

DALLAS — KLM (KL) and other airlines are expected to cut their schedules at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport (AMS) starting summer 2024, as efforts to limit flights to reduce noise pollution in surrounding communities move forward.

The government of the Netherlands has been allowed by a Dutch appeals court to reduce annual flights at the airport to 460,000 from its current cap of 500,000, then eventually to 440,000.

KLM, which operates a large and successful hub at AMS, will have to adjust its schedule to efficiently use its remaining slots. Smaller airlines with ambitions to grow, such as Corendon Airlines (XC), EasyJet (EC), and TUI (BY), are likely to suffer serious damage from the flight reductions.

KLM CEO Marjan Rintel expressed confidence in winning the appeal in June. Now, Airline Weekly cites KL saying that it was disappointed with today’s ruling. “It is currently unclear when, how and in what way the ruling will be implemented and what it means for the number of aircraft movements at Schiphol,” the carrier added, saying it was still “studying” the decision.

KLM had put forth a three-part plan to decrease noise levels while maintaining the same number of flights at AMS.

One aspect of the plan involved encouraging the use of quieter, newer-generation aircraft by offering incentives. KLM has already placed an order for 100 Airbus A320neos and A321neos to replace its smaller and older Boeing 737s.

Additionally, the plan involved implementing new flight approaches that utilize modern technology to reduce the amount of time planes fly close to the ground.

Meanwhile, another proposal to ban night flights at AMS by the Royal Schiphol Group is also underway to reduce carbon emissions.

Featured image: In recent months, operations at KLM’s biggest base, Amsterdam (AMS), have been affected by strikes and a lack of staff. Photo: KLM

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