June 28, 2022
Amsterdam Schiphol Downsizes Passenger Cap

Amsterdam Schiphol Downsizes Passenger Cap

DALLAS – In a potential setback for passengers flying from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS) this summer, the airport operator has reduced the number of passengers allowed to use the Schiphol hub.

For July, Schiphol has set a limit of 67,500 passengers per day, rising to 72,500 in August, according to the airport. The move is similar to what London Gatwick Airport (LGW) did last week, capping summer flights to avoid last-minute cancellations amid the airport chaos.

A recent review of staffing levels concluded that if left unchecked, the airport will see an average of 13,500 too many passengers next month, according to Business Traveller. During the month of August, demand is also expected to exceed capacity. The airport is expected to encourage airlines to adjust flights with lower projected load factors so that fewer passengers are inconvenienced.

All the airport’s 6 runways are viewed from an airplane taking off at dawn. Photo: By Adenosine Triphosphate – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Long Lines

A shortage of security personnel has resulted in fewer security checkpoints being made available. At Schiphol this morning, lines of passengers that were departing on flights within the Schengen zone within Europe snaked back far into the check-in hall.

Provision of security screening at the airport is contracted to private firm CTSN, which is the Dutch subsidiary of security services provider ICTS Europe. In recent years, considerable investment has been made in hardware upgrades, with the airport being one of the first in the world to use 3D scanning technology.

This eliminates the need for passengers to remove bulky electronics and liquids for separate screening, which accelerates the passage through the terminal.

Featured image: Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

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