September 30, 2022
American Airlines Orders 20 Overture Supersonic Aircraft
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American Airlines Orders 20 Overture Supersonic Aircraft

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DALLAS – American Airlines (AA) has announced plans to purchase up to 60 Boom Supersonic Overture airplanes, putting down a non-refundable deposit for the aircraft. With the deal, AA has surpassed United Airlines (UA) as the Mach 1.7 transport’s largest customer to date.

United purchased 15 of the Overture-class aircraft last year, becoming the first U.S. customer of the type. Neither Boom Supersonic nor AA would give any financial information, including the sum of the deposit. The transaction was signed less than a month after Boom unveiled an Overture that had undergone extensive redesigns last month.

Overture. Photo: Boom Supersonic

Design Upgrade

Boom showcased the adjustments to the plane’s design at the Farnborough International Airshow 2022. The modifications were made to make construction and maintenance easier and less expensive. The most noticeable change was the switch from three engines, one of which was on the tail, to four identical engines underneath the delta-shaped wings.

Boom’s aggressive schedule has drawn criticism from critics, particularly in light of the considerable time it has taken Boeing, a reputable manufacturer, to obtain the FAA’s approval for new aircraft or even retrofits to existing aircraft. The company hasn’t chosen an engine manufacturer yet and is in conversations with With Rolls Royce and others.

The last Concorde supersonic passenger flight, a British-French aircraft that failed to gain popularity due to exorbitant flying costs, took place almost 20 years ago. When it makes its debut in 2029, Overture will be different, says Boom CEO Blake Scholl, with tickets costing between $4,000 and $5,000 to travel in three and a half hours from New York to London.

The Overture program costs run from US$6bn to US$8bn, and the aircraft has a US$200m list price. Will the Mach 1.7 transport be profitable? Share your thoughts on our social media channels.

Featured image: Boom Supersonic

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