Airbus Opens A350F Livery Design Competition
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Airbus Opens A350F Livery Design Competition

DALLAS – If you are a professional designer, an amateur artist, or a student, Airbus is inviting creative talents from all around the world to design the livery of its new-generation freighter, the A350F.

The winner will receive a limited-edition scale model of the aircraft in June 2023 at the Le Bourget Paris Airshow, where the winning design will be revealed. Then, in 2024, the winner will get a private factory tour and see the winning design come to life as it embarks on its first flight.

The competition opens today, with submissions closing on November 28, 2022.

The winner will be announced on March 15, 2023.

A350F blank aircraft design. Image: Airbus

Design Brief

The A350F is a large freighter plane with nearly 1000m2 (622mi2) for competitors to design. The design should take into account how this “new generation, advanced, modern aircraft can benefit air freight operators and airlines from around the globe.” 

The design can be straightforward or intricate, hand-drawn or painted, or made using any medium of choice, according to Airbus. It may even be entirely realistic or fully abstract, and it may use one or several colors.

If a submission is approved, Airbus’ design professionals will collaborate with the winner to create the final livery design, which will be precisely adapted for the A350F. The livery design will be introduced to operators and airlines all across the world when it makes its first flight in 2024.

Render: Airbus

The A350F

Airbus announced the introduction of a brand-new, large freighter, the A350F, in November of last year in keeping with its aim to pioneer sustainable aircraft for a safe and united world. Compared to other freighters now in the air, this one has been engineered to consume up to 40% less fuel and emit 40% less carbon.

The A350F accomplishes this through the enormous weight savings made possible by the use of cutting-edge materials, modern, efficient engines, and cutting-edge technology.

The A350F will provide a significantly more user-friendly and productive aircraft to the sizable air freight sector. In addition, compared to current freighters in service, it will cost less to operate and require less maintenance.

Needless to say, these are aspects of the aircraft to keep in mind when designing its new livery.

A350F zoning areas. Image: Airbus

Design Guidelines

  • Include only original artwork
  • Use only fully licensed photo images. Please avoid “for editorial use only” images
  • Do not use images or artwork without copyright
  • Designs must be projected onto aircraft side views provided by Airbus
  • The company logo (Airbus) and product logo (A350F) provided must be clearly visible
  • Do not modify any corporate artwork provided
  • Keep designated areas on the aircraft blank from any artwork
  • Any areas designated as non-adhesive compatible cannot have very detailed artwork or photos

Artwork and brand elements are available on Airbus’ competition page. You can submit your proposal here.

Will you submit your A350F livery design?

Featured image: Airbus A350F livery competition. Image: Airbus

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