Genoa Airport Suspends Operations amid Protest

Genoa Airport Suspends Operations amid Protest

DALLAS – “Cristoforo Colombo” Genoa Airport (GOA) suspended its operations today amid a protest held at the airport.

At 9:30 am local time, the protesters started their procession from their factory in Campi and headed towards GOA.

Upon their arrival, moments of tension with the police ensued, and the Ansaldo Energia company employees decided to enter GOA, aka Genova City Airport, and occupy the entirety of the entrance hall.

Via its Facebook page, GOA informed the public that it reopened shortly before 6 p.m. local time and was operational again.

This is the second day of demonstrations, as protesters blocked city traffic yesterday. The workers have been protesting against plans to close their factory.

Screenshot: GOA Airport website

Genoa Airport

Genoa Airport, which is in northwest Italy, is located in the heart of the Italian Riviera and close to destinations such as Sanremo and Portofino. The airport is served by Ryanair (FR), Volotea (V7), ITA Airways (AZ), Lufthansa (LH), KLM (KL), Wizz Air (W6), Vueling (VY), and Albawings (2B).

The airport connects Genoa to destinations such as Amsterdam, Barcelona, Rome, Paris, London, and Munich, among others.

The airport has a significant private jet presence, and it has welcomed visitors such as Qatari VIP airline Qatar Amiri Flight Boeing 747-8.

Featured image: ITA Airways at Genoa Airport. Photo: Genoa Airport via Facebook

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