El Al Israel Airlines to Stop Flying to Dublin, Marrakesh

El Al Israel Airlines to Stop Flying to Dublin, Marrakesh

DALLAS — El Al Israel Airlines (LY) announced Monday morning that it would discontinue flights to Dublin, Ireland, and Marrakesh, Morocco. This decision was made due to a significant decrease in demand for flights to these destinations and the expression of anti-Israel sentiment by sources in the governments of both countries.

It is currently unclear whether the Israeli airline plans to reinstate these flight routes in the future or when that might happen. Flights to Dublin and Marrakesh were initially suspended at the start of the war, and now LY has confirmed that they will not be resumed at the beginning of the next tourist season.

El Al’s Vice President of Commercial & Industry Affairs, Shlomo Zafrany, stated that the airline has been working to expand its network of flight routes to popular destinations since the start of the war. However, in light of the current situation, LY closely monitors customer preferences and demand changes and acts accordingly—hence the recent route suspensions.

Last week, the airline announced that it would no longer operate flights to Johannesburg, South Africa, for similar reasons. These route discontinuations will allow LY to add around 500 flights on other high-demand European routes as it looks to connect Israel to other destinations worldwide.

Featured image: El Al Boeing 787 at BOS. Photo: Darryl Sarno/Airways

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