Delta Makes Major Changes to Premium Lounge Policies

Delta Makes Major Changes to Premium Lounge Policies

DALLAS — To combat overcrowding at Delta Air Lines’ (DL) signature Sky Club lounges, the airline has made major changes regarding who can purchase a Sky Club membership.

January 1, 2023, is when the biggest of the changes will take place. Notably, passengers with non-elite medallion status will no longer be able to purchase a lounge membership. Also starting January 1st, membership fees are increasing by US$150 dollars of individual memberships and $650 dollars for Executive memberships.

Starting February 1, individual memberships using the Choice Benefits Program will no longer be offered. Furthermore, the Executive membership will cost three choice benefit credits instead of the previous two.

The remaining changes, which will take effect on February 2, 2023, affect the majority, if not all, Delta Sky Club members. On that date, all Sky Club members flying on basic economy tickets will no longer be able to access the lounge.

Also starting this day, all Sky Club elite members traveling international routings will no longer have access to these lounges unless they are flying premium economy or business class.

Delta Airlines A319. Michael Rodeback/Airways

More Lounges, More Integration

Delta also said in a November 30, 2022, press release that access granted to passengers with qualifying American Express credit cards will not change.

The Atlanta-based carrier has been investing heavily in its Sky Club brand of premium lounges, including the new Sky Club lounge in the US$2.3bn facility at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

With a digital window into Club occupancy levels, we can give customers more control over their airport journeys and better set expectations when the airport is busy. We chose ATL and DTW for the initial rollout because of the high number of Clubs at both airports, so they can select an alternate Club if their preferred Club is at capacity.

Claude Roussel, Managing Director – Delta Sky Club

Delta has also announced plans for new lounges in New York (JFK) Terminal 4, Boston (BOS) E Concourse, and a brand new lounge in Kansas City (MCI). Delta has also announced lounge expansions in Atlanta (ATL) E Concourse, Miami (MIA), and Fort Lauderdale (FLL).

In the same press release, DL also announced permanent changes to the priority access line at “high capacity” clubs. Diamond Medallion, Delta 360, and Delta One customers will be entitled to priority entry into Sky Clubs.

Additionally, starting in December 2022, DL will implement an occupancy tracker into the Delta Sky Club section of the Fly Delta app.

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