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Canada Jetlines Welcomes Third Airbus A320

The airline has described the aircraft's arrival as a "significant milestone" in its fleet-growth plan.

IAG Expands Airbus A320neo Fleet

The International Airlines Group (IAG) keeps expanding its fleet by incorporating ten additional A320neo airframes in 2028.

BOC Aviation to Add Seven Airbus A320neos

BOC Aviation, the Singapore-based aircraft lessor, has agreed on a deal with Airbus to add a further seven Airbus A320neo-family aircraft to its portfolio.

Jet2 Announces Airbus A320neo Order

Long-time Boeing operator Jet2 is now looking to Airbus for its future fleet needs.

Anglo-Spanish IAG Orders 37 Airbus A320neo Aircraft

The IAG A320neo orders will be fulfilled between 2025 and 2028 and will be used to replace short-haul fleet aircraft from the A320ceo family.

Condor Orders 41 Airbus A320neo Family Jets

Condor's (DE) post-Farnborough Airshow 2022 order has given Airbus yet another boost.

easyJet Confirms Order for a Further 56 Airbus A320neo

Following shareholder approval, easyJet (U2) has announced a definitive order for 56 A320neo Family aircraft at FIA2022.

Easyjet Confirms Order For 17 Airbus A320neos, Scores 42% Rise In Profits

MIAMI — European low-cost carrier easyjet has exercised its purchase rights of 17 Airbus A320neos today, taking the total combined order to 147 planes, which include 30 A321neos. At current list prices, this conversion is valued $1.8 billion. With today’s

Air Astana Airbus A320 Skids Off The Runway (+Live Video)

MIAMI — An Air Astana Airbus A320-200 skidded off the runway during a windy approach at Astana International Airport. The incident was captured by a passenger who was filming the heavy crosswind approach, as well as by an observer who

Allegiant Takes Delivery Of First US-Made Airbus A320 (+Video)

MIAMI — American ultra-low-cost carrier Allegiant has taken delivery of its first Alabama-made Airbus A320ceo, joining a fleet of 31 A319s, 40 A320s, and 29 McDonnell-Douglas MD-80s. The airline is on its way to becoming an all-Airbus carrier, progressively replacing

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