Turkish Airlines Debuts VIP Lounge at New York’s JFK

Turkish Airlines Debuts VIP Lounge at New York’s JFK

DALLAS — The long-awaited Turkish Airlines (TK) VIP Lounge in New York’s JFK airport opens at last.

Brooklyn-based architecture firm Studio Vural’s design creates a dramatic upgrade for the previous Alitalia Lounge, generating a stylish yet comfortable interior for Priority Pass passengers.

The approximately 3,000-ft2 lounge opens to the corridor between Air France (AF) and Lufthansa (LH) lounges with a gate built in walnut with brass inlays. Upon entry, passengers are welcomed by a soothing reception area that directs passengers to a large cafeteria serving the delicacies Turkish hospitality has to offer.

Beyond the cafeteria, there are private sofas, lounge chairs, and a TV area, where the private meeting room and a semi-open business room offer passengers business and internet amenities.

Studio Vural has thought of every detail from semi-private brass screens cut out of the airline’s logo to long upholstered benches for rush-hour crowds. Ambient lighting and entertainment systems have seamlessly been integrated into the seating area.

Photo: Philip Greenberg/Studio Vural

The firm’s principal architect Selim Vural says, “Our design breaks out of the mold of the cold, corporate stereotype that long plagued airports, by bringing a fresh approach with the warm ambiance of a social lounge. The interior elements emanate a fine blend of style & comfort through walnut surfaces, tan leather paneling, upholstered benches, and natural stones. It is a modern yet timeless place to while away a few hours.”

With Studio Vural’s renovation, the Turkish Airlines JFK lounge has now joined Priority Pass Club at JFK like their other locations in the US. Passengers can enjoy the premises for up to three hours, relax, socialize and recharge with a festive food & beverage selection.

Photo: Philip Greenberg/Studio Vural

Studio Vural is currently working on LH and AF lounges with similar upgrades.

Featured image: Philip Greenberg/Studio Vural. Credits: Selim Vural, principal architect; Rima Askin, project architect; Ceren Kalayci, member of the design team; Ayca Yildirim, intern.

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