September 28, 2022
Today in Aviation: Spanish Charter Carrier Spantax Is Founded
Today in Aviation

Today in Aviation: Spanish Charter Carrier Spantax Is Founded

MIAMI – Today in Aviation, Spanish leisure carrier Spantax (BX) was founded in 1959. The airline was set up by ex-Iberia (IB) Pilot and Flight Attendant Rodolfo Bay Wright and his partner Marta Estades Sáez.

Based in Gran Canaria, the airline started life flying geologists and technicians exploring oil opportunities in the Sahara Desert and former Spanish colonies of West Africa.

Following measured expansion, BX entered the jet age in 1967 when two Convair 990s were purchased from American Airlines (AA). BX would go on to operate 14 of the type making it the world’s largest operator for a time.

Flamboyant owner Captain Wright said of the jet: “Once you fly a Coronado, you don’t want to fly anything else.” (Photo: Lars Söderström, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Widebody Era

By 1978 the airline had become one of the largest charter airlines in Europe. In October the airline received its first McDonnell Douglas DC-10 putting them to work on its extensive transatlantic charter operation, reaching as far as Los Angeles. It also allowed the airline to become the first in Spain to fly to Japan via the Polar route with a stop in Anchorage. 

But by the late 1980s, a series of fatal accidents and a strike by the airline’s maintenance staff and pilots had left Spantax’s reputation in tatters. This, coupled with rising fuel costs and intense competition on the lucrative European charter market led the airline to be taken over by the Spanish government, owing 13 billion pesetas. 

The carrier was then sold to the Aviation Finance Group of Luxembourg. They promised to revitalize the airline and a pair of new McDonnell Douglas MD-83s. Sadly the airline continued to hemorrhage money and collapsed on March 29, 1988. 

This aircraft was tragically written off after an aborted take-off from Malaga Airport on September 13, 1982. (Photo: Perry Hoppe (GFDL 1.2 or GFDL 1.2, via Wikimedia Commons)

Featured image: Spantax added the Boeing 737-200 to the fleet in 1983 to replace its Douglas DC-9s. (Photo: Aero Icarus from Zürich, Switzerland, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Writer, aviation fanatic, and Airways European Deputy Editor, Lee is a plant geek and part-time Flight Attendant for a UK-based airline. Based in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

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