Southwest Airlines Dispatchers to Vote on New Contract

Southwest Airlines Dispatchers to Vote on New Contract

DALLAS — Southwest Airlines (WN) and the Transport Workers Union Local 550 (TWU 550) today announced they reached a Tentative Agreement for the airline’s Dispatch Employees.

“This agreement rewards our Dispatch Employees for their many contributions while also supporting the needs of our business,” said Adam Carlisle, Vice President Labor Relations at Southwest Airlines. “I appreciate the partnership and dedication from both Negotiating Teams as they worked to reach this agreement.”

“On behalf of the TWU 550 Board, I would like to thank the Negotiating Teams from both TWU 550 and Southwest for the tireless work and effort they put into negotiating our latest Tentative Agreement,” said Brian Brown, President of the TWU 550.”

Mr. Borwn added, “This agreement brings our members industry-leading pay, quality of life improvements, and work rules that benefit our members and help maintain Southwest’s competitive edge in the industry.”

This Tentative Agreement covers more than 450 WN Flight Dispatchers, Assistant Dispatchers, Flight Superintendents, Dispatch Specialists, and Dispatch ATC Specialists. The TWU 550 will share details directly with its members about the agreement and the voting process.

Flight Dispatchers

A flight dispatcher (also known as an airline dispatcher or flight operations officer) aids in planning flight paths, taking into account aircraft performance and loading, en route winds, thunderstorm and turbulence forecasts, airspace restrictions, and airport conditions.

Dispatchers also provide flight tracking and alert pilots if weather conditions change. They usually work in the airline’s operations center. In the United States and Canada, the flight dispatcher is legally responsible alongside the aircraft’s commander (joint responsibility dispatch system).

If you would like to know more about becoming a flight dispatcher, check out this post:

Featured image: Southwest Airlines N7739A Boeing 737-700. Photo: Andrew Henderson/Airways

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