New Flight Routes from the US to Europe in 2022
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New Flight Routes from the US to Europe in 2022

DALLAS – Many airlines are opening up new routes from the United States to Europe this year. These new direct routes offer more opportunities for travelers to cross the ocean for less and with fewer changes.

These are the newest flight routes you can take, with some extra advice on why you should take any particular flight. 

Photo: London Heathrow Airport

Boston to London Heathrow

The route is particularly attractive for those looking to get the most out of a trip to London. As it leaves in the evening and lands at 6:30 the next day in the morning. This gives you an entire day to explore the city. Passengers can use this time to squeeze an extra day in or alternatively use it to add in a day trip to see top destinations like Stonehenge or Oxford. 

The route back from London to Boston leaves at 8:25 in the morning and lands at 11:21 pm local time, giving you a comfortable window to get to the airport and back home.

How Long Does the Route Take? 

It takes around 7 hours and 13 minutes from Boston to London Heathrow and 7 hours and 56 minutes from London to Boston. The time difference is due to the direction of the winds over the Atlantic. On the way to Heathrow, the winds actually help increase the speed of the flight, whereas, on the way back, they are slowing it down. 

British Airways Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner. Photo: Daniel Gorun/Airways

Portland to London

A new route from British Airways is London to Portland. This new route will be available year-round and will fly from London Heathrow to Portland International Airport. You will fly on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, a luxurious plane model. This long-haul flight comes with all the top features and can even split the cost of the ticket using a payment plan. 

How Long Does the Route Take? 

The route takes around 9 hours and 50 minutes from London to Portland. Flights from Heathrow to PDX depart at 3:15 pm UK time and arrive at 5:05 pm US time. The return flight route has planes departing from Portland at 6:55 pm and arriving in the UK at 12:20 pm the next day. 

Helsinki Airport. Photo: Finavia

Dallas to Helsinki

Finnair is launching two new routes from Helsinki to Dallas. These routes will occur four times a week. It will be the first direct route between these two cities, which is great news for those in Scandinavia hoping to get to Texas for one of their many conventions. The route is currently slated to run from February 6th until October 2023. 

How Long Does the Route Take? 

There will be one flight per day and four flights per week with this service. Flights will leave from Helsinki at 4 pm and arrive in Dallas at 6:50 pm. The return service from Dallas departs at 8:40 pm and arrives in Helsinki at 2:55 pm the next day. 

white and yellow airplane in mid air
Photo by Paer Svensson on

Increase in Trans-Atlantic Services 

Many airlines are increasing the frequency of their services as well to cope with the post-pandemic travel boom. This means more options not only for direct flyers but for those with layovers as well. 

Featured image: Heathrow Airports Limited

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