Orlando Airport: “We Are Not Running Out of Fuel”
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Orlando Airport: “We Are Not Running Out of Fuel”

DALLAS – Orlando International Airport (MCO) has revealed that flight disruption could occur due to the delayed delivery of jet fuel to the Central Florida facility. Severe fog issues that persisted for several days along the Gulf Coast meant that fuel deliveries were stranded at load ports and unable to move.

Airlines have been making contingency plans to ensure minimal flight disruption after the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has warned pilots via NOTAMs that MCO’s fuel problems could continue until Tuesday evening. 

Official MCO Statement

Despite talks that MCO could run out of fuel on Sunday evening, a spokesperson for MCO Airways that, “The Orlando International Airport (MCO) is not out of fuel, and fuel is being delivered after extended weather issues along the Gulf Coast impacted fuel reserve delivery. The weather has lifted and ships have been able to depart.

“The Orlando International Airport Fuel Consortium, which oversees and manages the aviation fuel for the airport, is requesting all airlines to please have additional fuel on flights coming to Orlando through the weekend to minimize the amount needed on return flights. To supplement the shortfall, fuel is being trucked to the airport.”

The spokesperson added that, “The fuel supply is being monitored and airline contingency plans are in place to lessen any impact on operations.” 

Delta Boeing 737-900ER (N865DN). Photo: Alberto Cucini/Airways.

Contingency Plans

In a statement, United Airlines (UA) said, “Because of a shortage of fuel in Orlando that is impacting multiple airlines, we will add planned fuel stops on Sunday and Monday for some flights from Orlando. At this time we expect to operate our full schedule to get our customers to their destinations as planned.”

Delta Air Lines (DL) is yet to make any changes to its flight schedule, although it has begun offering customers the opportunity to reschedule their MCO flights for later in the week. 

Meanwhile, according to the British Airways (BA) website, the carrier has added a fuel stop in Miami (MIA) for its MCO flight from London Gatwick (LGW) this evening. 

Some airlines are tankering in extra fuel to avoid refuelling at MCO and minimise delays. However, this poses its own unique challenges. It can be expensive, it’s much less environmentally friendly, and it is unavailable for transcontinental or transatlantic services. 

Have you been affected by the fuel issues? Let us know in the comments. 

Featured Image: Orlando International Airport (MCO). Photo: Orlando International Airport.

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