Niceair Cancels Flights, Pauses Operations

Niceair Cancels Flights, Pauses Operations

DALLAS – Icelandic ticket broker Niceair has temporarily halted operations after canceling all of its flights. Niceair, which has been operating from its hub in Akureyri (North Iceland) since last year with only one aircraft, stops flight operations with immediate effect and cancels all flights.

Niceair was founded in February 2022 and began flight operations on June 2022, with only a single aircraft, an A319. The Icelandic company had the goal of bringing tourists from other European countries to northern Iceland.

Niceair CEO, Þorvaldur Lúðvík Sigurjónsson, said last April that the startup was “the result of many years of research… [that] told us that the demand for direct connectivity to North Iceland existed both as an outbound opportunity for the wider population and businesses here and also gave us the ability to develop a significant inbound market.”

However, the startup was not interested in getting its own air operator’s certificate, instead planning and offering chartered flights operated by the airline Hi fly Malta (5M). Niceair sold the tickets for the flights. That’s over for now.

Sigurjónsson announced that the foreign business partner Hifly had not paid and complied with its liabilities to the aircraft owner. The director underlined that, although Niceair paid all liabilities, the money did not reach the aircraft owner.

Niceair is now without a plane and can no longer meet its obligations to passengers. For this reason, the entire operation had to be immediately stopped and many flights were canceled.

Photo: Siddharth Ganesh/Airways

Impact on Travelers, New Aircraft on the Horizon

Niceair customers who are still on holiday in Tenerife should be brought back, according to the CEO. He added that Niceair is not bankrupt and that it is doing everything it can to obtain new aircraft to resume its operations.

All employees have been informed, and those who have already booked and paid for flights by card should get their money back.

Photo: Siddharth Ganesh/Airways

Flying the Niceair A319

Perhaps the most scenic approach one of our correspondents has ever experienced was on the Niceair inaugural fight, as HFM 124 started the descent into Akureyri (AEY) by breaking through a thick layer of clouds and bidding adieu to the blue sky.

Niceair’s first aircraft was a 150-seat Airbus A319, which was fully branded inside and out. Due to its size, performance, and range, the A319 was the perfect aircraft for the operation.

The A319 was to allow Niceair to operate direct flights from Akureyri to the Canary Islands, something the carrier saw from sales in high demand. 

Will Niceair find a new aircraft to meet the summer travel demand? Be sure to leave your comments on our social media channels.

Featured image: Niceair A319 Photo: Alberto Cucini/Airways

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