Nigerian Newcomer NG Eagle Launches Inaugural Flight

Nigerian Newcomer NG Eagle Launches Inaugural Flight

DALLAS — The latest airline to join the Nigerian aviation industry, NG Eagle (XLE), has today launched its inaugural flight between the megacity of Lagos and the capital, Abuja. The flight flew using a leased Airbus A320.

NG Eagle kicked off the process of its founding in 2019 to create an airline fit to serve Nigeria and West Africa. The airline is meant to be formed from the remnants of Arik Air (W3), once the largest carrier in West Africa and Central Africa until its acquisition by the Assets Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON).

NG Eagle originally planned to use aircraft from W3; however, the airline failed to secure its air operating certificate (AOC) after the Nigerian senate blocked it due to various issues with W3.

After these issues were resolved, XLE was granted its AOC in September 2021. This was originally only meant to last three years but was then extended in 2023 for a further six months, allowing the airline to begin operations.

Photo: Daniel Gorun/Airways

Taking to the Skies

The airline secured two Airbus A320s through a wet lease from a European group to commence the inaugural flight on December 10, 2023. The flight took place from Lagos Murtala Mohammed Airport (LOS) to Abuja Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport (ABV).

While this route has lots of demand, sufficient to kickstart the airline into stable operations, it is without a doubt the route with the most competition in the country.

In a statement to PeoplesDaily, NG Eagle’s Managing Director, Capt. Dare, mentioned, “We are confident that our passengers will appreciate the offerings we have developed for them and choose NG Eagle Airline for their travel needs.”

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