New Terminal Design for Abha Airport
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New Terminal Design for Abha Airport

DALLAS — United Kingdom-based architecture firm Foster+Partners has revealed its winning design proposal for the new terminal at Abha International Airport (AHB) in Saudi Arabia’s Aseer region.

The visionary behind the design is Stephan Behling, the head of Foster+Partners. Behling looked to the local culture and architecture for inspiration, effectively capturing the spirit of the nearby village of Rijal Almaa. The design emphasizes fresh air, vegetation, and natural light. The modular terminal comprises interconnected clusters incorporating outdoor spaces and passageways, with tapered stone buildings of varying heights forming clusters around courtyards and walkways.

The emphasis on local materials and terraced landscaping reflects a celebration of Aseeri culture. The Aseeri region stretches from the Red Sea shore in Jordan down to Yemen and is well known for its traditional architecture. The new terminal aims to maximize natural ventilation by using prevailing winds to cool travelers in an energy-efficient manner, just as the Aseeri have done for centuries.

Adaptable modularity for future expansion is the terminal’s most noteworthy feature. In March 2023, Saudi Arabia unveiled a second airline, Riyadh Air (RX), which will soon connect passengers from the Middle East to the rest of the world alongside national carrier Saudia (SV). Abha’s new modular terminal allows for future growth that the US$100 billion investment Saudi Arabia announced at the 2022 Riyadh Future Aviation Forum will bring.

Saleh bin Nasser bin Alali Aljasser, Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Transport and Logistics, announced the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 goals to open the Kingdom and welcome the world. At the forum, he stated, “We are unlocking the aviation potential to ensure sustainable practices and create world-class employment for our people.” Abha’s modular design speaks to Aljasser’s anticipation of future growth.

Featured image: the new terminal design for Abha Airport. render: Foster+Partners

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