Mandarin Airlines Takes Delivery of Its First ATR 72-600

Mandarin Airlines Takes Delivery of Its First ATR 72-600

DALLAS — Mandarin Airlines (AE) has taken delivery of its first ATR 72-600 equipped with PW127XT engines, starting a new era for Taiwanese regional air travel. This aircraft is the first of the six ATR 72-600 turboprops that the carrier ordered at the Paris Air Show in June.

The PW127XT engines, offering a 20% reduction in maintenance costs and at least 3% block fuel savings, set new standards for fuel consumption, carbon and NOx emissions, and operating economics in regional aviation.

Aligned with the Taiwanese regional carrier’s commitment to low-emission air travel, the ferry flight from the ATR delivery center in Toulouse to Taipei used a 30% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) blend in the engines, certified for up to 50% SAF operations.

Mandarin Airlines ATR 72. Photo: ATR

Mandarin Airlines ATR 72-600 Order

Mandarin Airlines ordered six ATR 72-600s during the 2023 Paris Air Show to increase capacity on existing routes and introduce new services across Taiwan while prioritizing low-emission regional aircraft.

Chairman Kao Shing-Hwang highlighted the significance of expanding the ATR fleet to achieve these goals. The deliveries, scheduled from this year through 2025, will enhance Mandarin Airlines’ operational capabilities, complementing its active fleet of nine ATR72-600s deployed on domestic routes connecting Taiwan with smaller islands.

Mandarin Airlines, with its primary base at Taipei Songshan Airport, operates a domestic network connecting eight destinations, including Kinmen, Magong, and Matsu islands. Alongside regional flights across Asia and China, the new ATR 72-600 fleet strengthens existing routes, enhances services, and promotes tourism across Taiwan.

As an all-ATR carrier, AE concluded E190 operations in 2021 and occasionally wet-leases A320-200 and B737-800 aircraft for international routes. The airline’s commitment to the ATR 72-600 series underscores its focus on efficient and low-emission regional aviation.

Feature Image: Mandarin Airlines’ first ATR 72-600. Photo: ATR. Article source: ATR

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