Makeover of Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport Concourses Underway

Makeover of Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport Concourses Underway

DALLAS — The Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) and Delta Air Lines (DL) have embarked on the largest-ever interior renovation of concourses and passenger gate areas at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport’s (MSP) Terminal 1, which first opened its doors in 1962.

The Airport Modernization Program (AMP), with a budget of US$242 million, aims to create a cohesive and contemporary design across six of the terminal’s seven concourses (A, B, C, D, F, and G) as well as approximately 75 DL gate hold rooms. The MAC is investing US$182.5 million in the program, while DL is contributing US$60 million. MSP is the 19th busiest airport in North America and serves as Delta’s second-largest hub. Delta currently operates 332 departing flights daily in 2023 and caters to seven out of every 10 MSP passengers.

Upon completion of the concourse renovations, the MAC will have invested over US$1 billion in a range of prominent projects over the course of a decade to transform Terminal 1 from the curb to the gate.

The AMP renovations will be carried out in three phases. The renovation of Concourses D and F began in late October, with work on Concourse C scheduled to commence in February 2024. Improvements to Concourses A, B, and G and the skyway bridge connecting Concourses C and G are slated for 2025.

During the construction, AMP says DL gates will remain open, with the most intensive work taking place overnight. The interior renovation will encompass 378,000 square feet and incorporate design elements from the 2022 expansion and modernization of Concourse G between gates G17 and G22.

Delta Air Lines Concourse C at MSP. Photo: MSP
Delta Air Lines Concourse C at MSP. Photo: MSP

AMP MSP Airport Improvements

  • The replacement of carpeted passenger corridors in concourses A, C, D, and G with more accessible and durable Terrazzo flooring, while concourses B and F will receive new carpeting.
  • New wall finishes, including quarter-height granite in public corridors and tile in Delta gate hold rooms.
  • The installation of brighter, modern, and sustainable LED lighting in concourse walkways and gate areas.
  • The implementation of a metal panel ceiling system in most concourse walkways.
  • The addition of new structural column covers.
  • Technology upgrades such as dynamic flight information screens along concourse walkways at every gate.
  • A complete refresh of the 75 Delta gate hold rooms.
  • The introduction of new gate seating equipped with power outlets.
  • The installation of new carpeting in gate areas to align with the experience at other Delta hub airports.
  • Updated gate information display screens.
  • A refreshed Delta branding across all gate areas.

Featured image: Delta Air Lines Concourse revamp at AMP Render. The Metropolitan Airports Commission. Render: MSP

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