Lufthansa Unveils ‘Allegris’ Premium Suite Concept
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Lufthansa Unveils ‘Allegris’ Premium Suite Concept

DALLAS – Lufthansa (LH) has announced its largest-ever investment in premium cabin experience as part of the new “Allegris” product generation.

The airline is launching the “Allegris” premium product on long-haul routes in all travel classes. We’ll take a closer look at the three revamped classes and the first renderings of the new cabin product offering.

Render: Lufthansa

“Allegris” in First Class

Lufthansa has announced the introduction of suites in first class, with their almost “ceiling-high walls” that can be closed for privacy. According to the announcement, First Class seats will be nearly one meter wide and convertible into a bed. All suites will have a wardrobe and will face forward.

First Class passengers will be able to remain in their suite as they prepare for sleep and change into Lufthansa First Class pajamas thanks to the new privacy separators. Guests can also dine together at an ample dining table, with one person sitting across from their travel companion on an ottoman.

Finally, screens that extend across the full width of the suite will provide entertainment and will include Bluetooth connectivity for wireless headphones. The airline will provide details of the suite, as well as further innovation in First Class, at the beginning of next year.

Render: Lufthansa

New Business Class: Front Row Suites

Lufthansa Business Class passengers can now look forward to their own room, which provides even more comfort and privacy thanks to higher walls and sliding doors that entirely close.

Travelers can enjoy extra personal space, a monitor up to 27 inches in size, and plenty of storage space, including a personal wardrobe, in this room.

Lufthansa Business Class of the “Allegris” generation has six additional seating configurations. All Business Class seats have direct access to the aisle. The seat walls, which are at least 114 cm high and have plenty of space in the shoulder area, provide more privacy. Every seat may be transformed into a two-meter-long bed.

Business Class passengers can watch the in-flight entertainment program on an approximately 17-inch screen. Wireless charging, noise-canceling headphones, and the possibility to link one’s own gadgets to the entertainment system through Bluetooth, such as a PC, tablet, smartphone, or headphones, are also part of the new Allegris Business Class experience.

Next spring, LH will also reveal additional facts and novelties about the new Lufthansa Business Class.

Render: Lufthansa

“Sleeper’s Row 2.0” in Economy Class

Lufthansa’s “Allegris” product generation will also improve Economy Class. The first rows will feature a larger seat pitch and provide more comfort. Following the success of the “Sleeper’s Row,” which provided Economy Class customers with more leisure on long-distance flights beginning in August 2021, LH now plans to implement the service on all new long-haul aircraft as part of “Allegris.”

In the “Sleeper’s Row 2.0,” simply fold up a leg rest and use the extra mattress provided for rest and relaxation on a reclining surface that is 40% larger than the original “Sleeper’s Row.”

Economy Class travelers will now be able to book a vacant neighbor seat in the future. This gives travelers more options, even in the lowest affordable travel class.

SWISS has already debuted the new Lufthansa Group Premium Economy Class in spring 2022.

787-9 Lufthansa Paint Hangar Photo: Lufthansa

Long-haul Aircraft with “Allegris” Service

With the new “Allegris” service, more than 100 modern Lufthansa Group aircraft, including Boeing 787-9s, Airbus A350s, and Boeing 777-9s, will travel to locations across the world. Additionally, existing LH aircraft, such as the Boeing 747-8, will be converted.

The new business class is already available on certain LH planes. The Boeing 787-9, as well as four Airbus A350s delivered to the airline in recent months, have an enhanced business class from manufacturers Thompson (A350) and Collins (787-9), according to the carrier.

The Lufthansa Group is poised to embark on the most extensive fleet upgrade project in its history. More than 180 new high-tech short- and long-haul aircraft will be delivered to the Group’s airlines by 2030.

On average, the Group will receive a new aircraft every two weeks, whether it be a Boeing 787, an Airbus 350, a Boeing 777-9 for long-haul routes, or a new Airbus A320neo for short-haul flights.

Featured imagE: Lufthansa

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