LOT to Launch New Dreamliner Cabin by 2030

LOT to Launch New Dreamliner Cabin by 2030

DALLAS — RECARO, one of the leading manufacturers of airplane interiors, has unveiled the design of the next LOT Polish Airlines (LO) Boeing 787 cabins to be featured in the coming years, improving drastically the look and comfort of the seats.

LOT Polish Airlines, the national carrier of Poland, is set to undergo a complete transformation in its passenger approach. This will involve the incorporation of elegant shades and gradients of their iconic blue color inside the Dreamliner aircraft, resulting in changes across the Business, Premium Economy, and Economy Class cabins.

Among the notable modifications, the most luxurious class will introduce the direct aisle concept as a standard feature on long-haul flights from Warsaw (WAW) to destinations in the United States, Canada, and East Asia.

Since November 2012, LO has exclusively relied on the Boeing 787 family as the foundation of its widebody fleet. In fact, the airline was the first European carrier to receive and commercially operate the Dreamliner on its flights.

2030: Too Far in the Future?

When comparing the current and upcoming cabins, the difference is remarkable. The new cabin design surpasses and outshines the existing one. However, there is a significant challenge ahead for LO. According to RECARO, the installation of these new seats on the first aircraft is not expected until 2030, likely due to limited resources.

This situation presents two main challenges that LOT will have to confront in the coming years, and they are not easily resolved. Firstly, if this state-of-the-art cabin, with the latest advancements in comfort, is set to enter service in seven years, it means that by 2030, all the comfort improvements will be outdated compared to future cabins.

Secondly, it also means that LOT will continue to operate Dreamliners with a cabin from 2012 for another seven years. By 2030, the last refurbished aircraft will be carrying passengers on an 18-year-old product without direct aisle access in the Business Class, which by then may only be offered on short-haul flights.

LOT Polish Airlines is currently undergoing a transformation that will bring significant changes from now until 2028. However, if the delivery time issue with RECARO is not addressed, the first Dreamliner operator in Europe may be dubbed “Europe’s time machine” in less than a decade.

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