KLM Stops Boarding European Flights to Amsterdam

KLM Stops Boarding European Flights to Amsterdam

DALLAS – KLM (KL) announced that passengers who booked a flight to Amsterdam (AMS) today from any European destination will not be able to board their flight. The airline will operate empty flights on the way back to its main hub.

The decision was taken to allow as many passengers who are stuck at AMS to reach their final destination today. Indeed, the airport is facing unfavorable weather conditions and is also undergoing runway maintenance, which caused many flight cancellations or delays.

As a result, KL had to decide at the end of the afternoon on Saturday not to allow any more passengers to board for departure to AMS at European destinations.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is facing staff shortages, causing extremely long wait times. AMS has been facing many delays and overcrowding in terminals in the past month. This is a serious issue, especially as the industry is ramping up for a busy summer with the ease of travel restrictions.

With the flight cancellations and delays today, many passengers had to stay in Amsterdam. Adding other passengers from European flights this evening would mean the airline would be bottle-necking passengers from AMS to their final destinations.

KLM Cityhopper, the regional brand of KL, is also impacted by the policy. Photo: Alberto Cucini/Airways

KLM Apologizes to Affected Passengers

This policy applies for Saturday, June 4 only, as KL hopes to “conduct as many flights as possible on Sunday”. The airline explains it has faced “unforeseen and urgent circumstances that are beyond its control.”

KL apologized to all impacted travelers, saying the airline is doing its best to find a solution for everyone. “KLM offers its sincere apologies to passengers who were unable to travel to Amsterdam from certain European destinations, as well as those who were unable to transfer via Amsterdam to other final destinations.”

The airline added, “We understand that this decision has a great impact on passengers, particularly during the Whit Monday weekend. KLM would like to stress that it is doing its utmost to offer passengers alternative flights as quickly as possible.”

According to data from airlinedata.com, KL is supposed to operate 265 European flights to AMS today. Moreover, about 50 long-haul flights should land at the airport, carrying connecting passengers who then fly to other European destinations.

With the last-minute move, KL hopes to manage the difficult situation at AMS for the weekend as it tries to cancel as few flights as possible. The airline and the airport also hope to find efficient solutions to the staffing issues before the busy summer ahead, one being AMS’ new hiring campaign.

Featured image: KL operates Boeing 737NG aircraft on European medium-haul routes, but has placed orders for A320neo family aircraft as a replacement. Photo: Alberto Cucini/Airways

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