September 30, 2022
KLM Launches Premium Comfort Class
Airlines Passenger Experience

KLM Launches Premium Comfort Class

DALLAS – In what appeared to be a low-key launch with no formal press release, KLM (KL) announced the introduction of their new Premium Comfort Class on August 31 with a single tweet. The new cabin is pitched to target the premium economy segment of the market. 

Before its inauguration, passengers traveling in Economy could pay extra for more legroom, but that was the only variation. The new cabin is now fully enclosed and features several product enhancements that will improve the passenger experience for those looking for more comfort without the premium price tag.

The airline announced the new product at the 2022 Dutch Open on May 27 promising “an intermediate cabin offering more space, luxury, service options, comfort and privacy than Economy Class, at lower prices than World Business Class.” allowing KLM to “more closely meet the needs and wishes of leisure and business travellers.”

According to seat designers Collins Aerospace, the new cabin includes “modern aesthetic updates to complement the iconic brand.” Photo: KLM

Finer Details

Rather than simply providing more space and overall comfort, what distinguishes this cabin lies in the finer details. Starting at the airport, key features include the ability to check up to two suitcases weighing 23 kg each, as well as priority boarding.

During the flight, passengers will be given the same bedding as in World Business Class and noise-canceling headphones. Compared to the Economy offering, KLM will provide a dedicated menu and a more extensive selection of alcoholic beverages.

Premium Comfort also has a ‘distinctive catering concept’ with meals selected from those previously popular in World Business Class. Photo: KLM

Opening Offering

On August 31, the new product debuted on KL645 from Amsterdam (AMS) to New York (JFK). According to information on the KL website, the airline stated, “We [will] start equipping our aircraft with the new Premium Comfort Class in the second half of 2022. By January 2024, the transformation will be complete on all Boeing 777 and 787 aircraft flying to intercontinental destinations.”

With the Airbus A330 fleet scheduled to be retired within the next three years, it appears that the type will not be included in the cabin refit program.

Featured Image: The new seats have been designed in collaboration with Collins Aerospace. Photo: KLM

Aviation author and commercial pilot based in the UK, with close to twenty years in the industry.

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