October 5, 2022
JetBlue to Pay US$3.6m in Flight Attendant Case
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JetBlue to Pay US$3.6m in Flight Attendant Case

DALLAS – JetBlue Airways (B6) will pay US$3.6m to more than 500 of its Flight Attendants (FA) to resolve a 2015 wage lawsuit. 

When forced to forgo breaks, B6 FAs alleged that the airline did not compensate them, in violation of California law. 

Attorneys for B6 FAs recounted that their clients had sued the carrier in 2015 for the mentioned violations of the California Labor Code: failure to pay minimum wage, nonpayments of extra hours, failure to pay to wait time penalties, and inability to provide detailed wage statements.

The plaintiffs wanted to request preliminary authorization of a settlement (US$3.6m), which B6, is said not to oppose, according to the case. 

A Significant Payout

According to the plaintiffs’ attorneys, the settlement “will give a considerable payout to the LWDA and significant individual settlement amounts to about 568 members of the settlement parties.” 

“The settlement also includes compensation to an overtime and final pay class in accordance with this Court’s ruling in Plaintiffs’ favor on those claims,” the attorneys stated. The agreement is not reversionary and is not based on the filing of claims.

The case was a part of a dispute as to whether flight attendants who are situated in California but devote significant amounts of time in the air must abide by the state’s stringent and comprehensive wage standards. 

According to Reuters, US District Judge Jeffrey White dismissed several of the claims in 2016 and 2017, but he put the case on hold while many related lawsuits were appealed. White changed his mind and resurrected additional cases against B6 in 2020 following the plaintiff-friendly judgments. 

Featured image: jetBlue N763JB Airbus A320-232 jetBlue Retrojet. Photo: Matthew Calise/Airways

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