London Heathrow Records 5.4 Million Passengers in January

London Heathrow Records 5.4 Million Passengers in January

DALLAS — London Heathrow Airport (LHR) recorded a passenger throughput of 5.4 million in January, surpassing levels in 2022 and 2021.

John Holland-Kaye, LHR chief executive, said, “Heathrow is back to its best, with passenger satisfaction scores meeting or exceeding 2019 levels.”

In January, 97% of passengers waited less than 10 minutes for security at LHR, the UK’s busiest airport.

Photo: London Heathrow Airport

Recent Disruptions

This record arrives just after the nation’s airports were hit with strike action by the Border Force staff during the Christmas period. However, LHR stated that the strike action was “successfully managed.”

The summer of 2022 was met with high travel disruptions globally, as the aviation sector was plagued with staff shortages and a high influx of travelers, leading to multiple delays and cancellations.

In fact, LHR had to introduce a daily 100k passenger cap during the peak season of last year. The airport reported, however, a strong half-term period, hinting that LHR is well-equipped to manage a surge in travel as families prepare for getaways.

“We are giving a warm welcome to families over the half-term getaway by delivering excellent service and bringing back the magic of travel,” Holland-Kaye added.

Signs like this will (hopefully) soon become a thing of the past at UK Airports. Photo: London Heathrow Airport

China Reopens

Recently, the Chinese government decided to lift the strict “Zero COVID” policy, allowing airlines to now sell tickets and conduct operations within the Chinese market. LHR is in support of airlines such as British Airways (BA) and Virgin Atlantic (VS), which began to sell tickets to Chinese destinations following the resumption of their routes.

The two-runway airport also reintroduced plans for eGates for children aged 10 and 11. This measure will be tested in terminal 5 over half term which LHR said will aid in smooth and seamless journeys”

Featured image: London Heathrow Airport

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