HAECO Xiamen Completes First Chinese A321-200PCF Conversion
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HAECO Xiamen Completes First Chinese A321-200PCF Conversion

DALLAS – In collaboration with Beaverton, Oregon-based 321 Precision Conversions, HAECO Xiamen has rolled out its first Airbus A321-200 passenger-to-freighter (P2F) conversion. It has announced that it has now redelivered the newly converted jet, eight months after the conversion began.

The aircraft, registration ES-MAG (MSN2303), is destined for Smartlynx Estonia. It started life with Vietnam Airlines (VN) in 2004 and remained with the company until 2020, except for two years at Cambodia Angkor Air (K6) from 2014 to 2016.

Photo: 321 Precision Conversions.

“Excellent Working Connection”

“HAECO Xiamen started collaboration with [321] Precision on the Boeing 757-200PCF conversion in 2010,” said Kevin Guan, CEO of HAECO Xiamen.

“In the previous 12 years, we have [had] an excellent working connection with Precision, therefore we are excited to expand this partnership to include A321-200PCF conversion. We anticipate launching several A321 conversion lines here when HAECO Xiamen converts one Boeing 757-200PCF conversion line to an A321-200PCF in the middle of the year.”

Gary Warner, President of 321 Precision, says, “Our long-term collaboration with HAECO Xiamen has proven them to be a consistent performer on the Boeing 757-200PCF programme and now on the A321-200PCF.”

The aircraft started life with Vietnam Airlines (VN) in 2004. Photo: Yifei Yu/Airways.

Future Deliveries

He adds that HEACO’s first A321-200PCF conversion in China was completed by their knowledgeable and skilled staff, who did an outstanding job. He anticipates many more prosperous redeliveries in the future.

HAECO was the world’s first maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) to carry out a Boeing 747-400BCF conversion. Since then, over 70 P2F conversions have been completed by the company on aircraft, including the Boeing 737-300/400/800, 747-400, 757-200 and Airbus A321.

Featured Image: Wearing the livery of former operator Vietnam Airlines (VN) is ES-MAG. Photo: HAECO Xiamen.

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