Greenland’s New Nuuk Airport to Open in November 2024
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Greenland’s New Nuuk Airport to Open in November 2024

DALLAS — Greenland’s capital city, Nuuk, will receive a new international airport which is currently under construction. The airport will be operated by Kalaallit Airports, and has confimred that international flights from Nuuk International Airport (GOH) will commence in November 2024. Nuuk International’s terminal building will be operational by May 2024, with final completion and a formal opening ceremony predicted to be 28th November 2024.

The new airport’s runway will be 2,200m (6,4560ft) long and 45m (147ft) wide, allowing direct flights to and from Europe and North America. Kalaallit Airports is also building new airports in other parts of Greenland. Ilulissat Airport, will be equipped with a runway that has the same dimensions as Nuuk. Another airport that Kalaallit is behind is Qaqortoq, a town in the South of Greenland. This airport will have a runway length of 1,500m (4920ft).

Kalaallit Airports’ Managing Director Jens Lauridsen expressed confidence in the new airport, and was sure that the project would be a “gamechanger” for not just Greenland but for the whole country.

Featured image: the new Nuuk International Airport. Credit: Kalaallit Airports

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