Gatwick Cancellations Return Amid ATC COVID-19 Outbreak

Gatwick Cancellations Return Amid ATC COVID-19 Outbreak

DALLAS — The third air traffic control slowdown at London Gatwick Airport (LGW) this month has been attributed to an outbreak of COVID-19. Due to staff sickness in the control tower, the flow rate of flights at LGW was reduced.

A total of 50 flights arriving or departing from the West Sussex hub were canceled or diverted, and numerous other flights experienced delays of up to seven hours over the past two days, affecting approximately 8,000 passengers, with easyJet (U2) accounting for the majority of cancellations, totaling 42.

Specifically, eight flights between Gatwick and Belfast were grounded, including six to and from Belfast International Airport and two serving Belfast City. Additionally, several easyJet flights to Edinburgh, Geneva, and Paris CDG were also canceled.

According to data from the FlightRadar24 tracking website, Gatwick experienced 26 canceled arrivals and 23 canceled departures yesterday, with an additional canceled arrival today.

The National Air Traffic Services (Nats), located in Fareham, Hampshire, has also attributed the disruption at LGW to unforeseen staff sickness, including cases of COVID-19.

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