Frontier Airlines to Launch All-You-Can-Fly Pass

Frontier Airlines to Launch All-You-Can-Fly Pass

DALLAS – Denver-based Frontier Airlines (F9) has announced that beginning in the spring of 2023, passengers can purchase an unlimited travel pass called the “GoWild!”. The carrier hopes that this pass will help them fill seats that would otherwise be empty. 

While the airline has not released much information about the pass and no launch date has been set, it will include benefits such as an unlimited number of flights to all Frontier’s destinations for 12 months and over 300 days of travel in that year.

Frontier states that these flight privileges are limitless, and after 12 months, passengers will need to renew their pass to keep the benefits. 

The carrier believes that the “GoWild!” Pass will help them fill empty seats. For airlines, especially F9, any empty seats are potential revenue. At the same time, Frontier hopes that it will encourage flexible travel and fill these seats.

According to the carrier, over 5,000 seats were empty in 2021, which translates to thousands of dollars in missed revenue. 

Frontier N369FR Airbus A320neo. Photo: Ryan Scottini/Airways

Is It Worth It?

Even with all the great benefits, this pass will only appeal to certain travelers. Although flights need to be booked before departure, they will only be confirmed the day before departure.

The pass is an excellent fit for travelers looking to travel without a preference for where they visit. While the pass can be used during the majority of the year, there are 60 blackout dates when the pass can not be used, which will be during the busy holiday season when the industry hits its peak number of travelers.

Lastly, F9 is a low-cost carrier and charges additional fees on everything from luggage to food to seats. Therefore, even with the pass, passengers bringing luggage will still have to pay a fee for each flight.

Frontier Airlines N704FR Airbus A321. Photo: Andrew Henderson/Airways

Airline Travel Passes

Frontier is one of many carriers to introduce a travel pass. Currently, Southwest Airlines (WN) has a “companion pass,” which allows qualifying frequent flyers to bring a companion with them on their flight, with the companion seat only costing taxes and fees.

In 2010 JetBlue (B6) offered travelers an “all-you-can-jet” pass giving travelers unlimited flights for 30 days.

And in 1980, American Airlines (AA) introduced the AAirpass, which for a specific price, travelers were entitled to first-class travel on AA for life. 

Featured image: Frontier Frontier N348FR Airbus A320Neo. Photo: Misael Ocasio Hernandez/Airways

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