Fly Atlantic Pushing for Transatlantic Low-Cost Fares
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Fly Atlantic Pushing for Transatlantic Low-Cost Fares

DALLAS — UK-based startup Fly Atlantic has a strong ambition: to make transatlantic air travel affordable for everyone. The plans come after the airline announced its first base in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on November 22.

“Our vision is of Belfast as a strong aviation hub linking Europe and North America. The lack of direct transatlantic air services has clearly been an impediment to Northern Ireland’s economic and tourism development, which we now intend to remove.”

Andrew Pyne- CEO, Fly Atlantic

Transatlantic low-cost fares have been attempted in the past. Airlines such as WOW Air (WW), Eurowings Discover (4Y), and Norwegian Air Shuttle (DY) have all attempted or are currently operating low-cost operations on transatlantic routes, each experiencing their own challenges and triumphs.

The airline has its eyes set on operating narrow-body aircraft such as those from the Airbus A321neo or Boeing 737 MAX families. Both have ranges of more than 6,000 kilometers. Both manufacturers expressed interest in providing their respective aircraft to Fly Atlantic.

The airline’s branding is being created by Lift Aero Design. Photo: Lift Aero Design

However, the transatlantic low-cost market is plagued with bad omens as startups such as WOW Air (WW) have crumbled after just a few short years of service. Rising fuel prices and operating costs have plagued even the large legacy carriers, let alone even short-haul low-cost carriers.

Add the uncertainty of the global financial situation to the mix and the risks associated with any airline startup grow even larger.

Featured Image: Fly Atlantic

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