Ecuadorian Airline Equair Suspends Operations

Ecuadorian Airline Equair Suspends Operations

DALLAS — Equair (HN), an Ecuadorian airline, has announced the unexpected suspension of all its regular flights after two years of operation. HN was the first airline with 100% Ecuadorian capital in several years.

The airline announced the suspension of its activities, complying with all open processes within the labor, fiscal, and operational framework, due to a constant market analysis. The carrier cited the rising cost of fuel and a reduction in demand as the reasons for the suspension of its operations. HN had captured 17% of the Ecuadorian domestic market.

According to, the airline has personally communicated with its over 200 employees to express gratitude for their contributions and provide support during the disengagement process. Passengers who had bookings with Equair will be transferred to LATAM Ecuador (XL) at no additional cost, as the two companies have closed a protection agreement.

Equair had achieved a significant presence in the Ecuadorian domestic market, operating up to 66 weekly flights between Quito and Guayaquil, 12 to the Galápagos Islands, and up to 10 to El Coca, with a fleet of three Boeing 737-700s.

LATAM Ecuador has confirmed its commitment to protecting passengers who had tickets with HN, emphasizing the importance of maintaining connectivity in the country.

Equair’s website functionality has also been shut down and only shows phone and email information for customers to contact the airline. The carrier now adds to a history of airlines in the country that ceased operations in recent years, such as flag carrier TAME, which at one point was the largest airline in Ecuador before ceasing operations in May 2020.

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