Embraer Pushes back Turboprop Launch Decision
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Embraer Pushes back Turboprop Launch Decision

DALLAS – Brazilian manufacturer Embraer has pushed back its launch decision about its proposed turboprop aircraft variants.

This comes as Embraer determined that suppliers can not meet its goal for the aircraft.

Previously, the manufacturer announced its decision to launch the aircraft in the first quarter of 2023. With that said, there has been no indication of when and if any launch will occur.  

This is another setback for Embraer’s turboprop program that it has been trying to pitch to airlines for years. Most recently, Embraer said it wanted to create two turboprop variants, one with 70 seats and a larger one with 90 seats.

Embraer has marketed the aircraft in a way that shows that it will bring necessary efficiency to a dated airline market.

The turboprop segment is currently made up of old regional jets and turboprops based on dated designs by ATR and De Havilland Canada. Embraer said that the pushback of the launch decision does not reflect interest from operators. 

With the announcement, Embraer did not go into detail as to which suppliers are unable to meet the manufacturer’s needs.

The new aircraft’s engine has been an open question for Embraer. Although engine manufacturers have continued to update existing engines, they do not have any plans to develop a new engine required for Embraer’s proposed aircraft.

Novel Aircraft Design

Throughout the past years, Embraer has altered the design of the aircraft. In 2021, they switched the position of the engines from wing-mounted engines to engines on the aft fuselage.

In addition, Embraer is in the process of looking into creating a new aircraft family called Energia.

This would include aircraft that can accommodate 19 and 30 passengers that would be powered by hybrid electric power. If the plan goes forward the aircraft could enter service in the early 2030s. 

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