Progress of Discover Airlines’ New Brand Identity Rollout

Progress of Discover Airlines’ New Brand Identity Rollout

DALLAS — Discover Airlines (4Y) has made significant progress in rolling out its new brand identity. The carrier is a leisure airline in Germany that is part of the Lufthansa Group. It operates flights from Frankfurt and Munich to various holiday destinations worldwide.

The airline focuses on providing a “cutting-edge” product tailored to the needs of leisure travelers, along with welcoming service from the crew. 4Y complements the Lufthansa Group’s offerings in the leisure travel segment and offers an end-to-end booking process and seamless transfers at the Frankfurt and Munich hubs, as well as at many global destinations served by the Lufthansa Group and its partner airlines.

The airline is headquartered in Frankfurt, operates a fleet of 24 aircraft, and employs around 2,000 people.

Discover Airlines Crew. Photo: Discover Airlines
Discover Airlines Crew. Photo: Discover Airlines

New Brand Identity Updates

1. Repainting of aircraft:
By Christmas, a third of 4Y’s fleet will have the new livery. This includes eight aircraft, seven Airbus A320s, and one Airbus A330.

2. Crew uniform accessories:
On December 1, the crew received new uniform accessories, marking another major step in the brand rollout schedule.

3. Onboard branding:
Over 60 items on board, including menus, wine and water glasses, headrest covers, pillows, and blankets, have been exchanged with new branding.

4. Advertising campaign:
From December to January, 4Y is running its second major advertising campaign, which includes poster and online advertising, as well as radio adverts. This campaign will cover the Rhine-Main region and the Munich area, expanding the airline’s reach and aiming for greater awareness in Munich.

Discover Airlines aims to have 17 aircraft flying with the new livery by mid-2024, which includes new additions to the fleet. The airline plans to grow to a total of 28 aircraft by the beginning of 2025.

Despite potential challenges such as painting slot availability and supply chain issues, 4Y is on schedule with the rollout and prioritizes a smooth transition for its guests.

Featured image: Discover Airlines D-AIWB Lackierung. Photo: Discover Airlines

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