DFW Airport, Overair Partner up for Future eVTOL Ops

DFW Airport, Overair Partner up for Future eVTOL Ops

DALLAS — Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) and Overair, a company developing advanced electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to explore the future of vertiport development and eVTOL aircraft operations in the DFW Metroplex.

The metropolitan statistical area in Texas known as the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, officially designated as Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget, includes 11 counties. The primary cities within this area are Dallas and Fort Worth.

Serving as the economic and cultural center of North Texas, the DFW Metroplex is often referred to by residents as DFW (airport code) or the Metroplex.

Details of the Partnership

As part of this partnership, a feasibility assessment will be conducted to evaluate the integration of passenger eVTOL operations across the North Texas region. eVTOL aircraft, such as Overair’s Butterfly, are being developed worldwide as the next generation of urban air mobility, offering advanced point-to-point electric air transit options.

The agreement establishes a joint working group that will consist of experts from both organizations. This group will investigate the policies and infrastructure required to implement an integrated and sustainable eVTOL program at DFW in the future.

The working group will also assess operational procedures, including approach, landing, charging, passenger handling, takeoff, departure, and safety protocols necessary for such a program.

Additionally, Overair is set to lead an assessment of the demand for all-electric advanced air mobility services within the DFW Metroplex. They will evaluate various scenarios for flight operations to and from vertiport locations.

DFW Terminal F - opening in 2026. Photo: Steve Cosgrove/Airways
DFW Terminal F is opening in 2026. Photo: Steve Cosgrove/Airways

Comments from DFW Airport, Overair Officials

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is renowned as one of the busiest and most well-connected airports globally. Situated between the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth in Texas, it plays a vital role as a significant economic powerhouse, creating employment opportunities and attracting businesses.

Paul Puopolo, EVP of Innovation at DFW Airport, expressed that the airport has a history of preparing for future aviation needs. By exploring the future of aviation now, they aim to position the entire DFW Metroplex for the upcoming era of innovative air mobility.

In 2020, Overair emerged as a separate entity from Karem Aircraft, a company based in Santa Ana, California. Overair unveiled its eVTOL aircraft, named Butterfly, in 2021.

Valerie Manning, CCO of Overair, stated that the agreement is a significant step towards bringing Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) to one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing metropolitan areas. The focus is on providing easy access to safe, fast, affordable, and eco-friendly travel options for the more than 8 million people living in the region, as well as the millions of annual visitors.

Featured image: Overair Butterfly eVTOL. Image: Overair

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