Delta Air Lines Launches Propel Flight Academy

Delta Air Lines Launches Propel Flight Academy

DALLAS — Through its Propel Pilot Career Path Program, Delta Air Lines (DL) is launching a dedicated pilot academy training program.

In partnership with Skyborne Airline Academy, it’s the airline’s fourth pathway for aspiring pilots since the start of the program in 2018. The academy is accepting applications now and will host its first class in June.

The Propel Flight Academy is the latest chapter in our longstanding commitment to invest in and create new, equitable pathways for qualified talent to enter the pilot profession,” says Patrick Burns, Delta’s VP of Flight Operations and System Chief Pilot.

Burns added, “We look forward to watching a new generation of pilots begin their journey at the Propel Flight Academy and eventually join us in the flight deck to help show Delta customers why no one better connects the world.”

N370NW Delta Air Lines Airbus A320-200. Photo: Mateo Skinner/Airways

About the Propel Flight Academy

Based in a 12,000-square-foot facility, the Propel Pilot Academy will offer students private, instrument, commercial, and certified flight instructor training.

Once they complete their first certificate at the academy, soon-to-be pilots will be eligible to apply and enroll in the Propel Pilot Career Path Program, which will then offer them the opportunity to receive employment at Skyborne.

Upon completing their 1,500 hours (and meeting all the required performance milestones and requirements), the new pilots will begin working as one of Delta’s Connection Carriers as a first offer.

Since the inception of the Propel Pilot Career Path Program, Delta has had about 100 successful participants with another 700 currently enrolled in the program. If accepted into the program, student pilots are eligible to receive up to US$20,000 in financial support from DL, along with the cost of interest on student loans covered.

Students can apply to begin training when the Propel Flight Academy opens in June at its campus in Vero Beach, Florida.

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