Cyprus Airways Expands Network to Major European Capitals
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Cyprus Airways Expands Network to Major European Capitals

DALLAS – Cyprus Airways (CY) announced at the World Travel Market event in London this Tuesday that the airline will open two new routes to Paris (CDG) and Rome (FCO) from its hub in Larnaca (LCA). These flights would begin operations on December 16 and December 20, respectively.

Paul Sies, CY’s Chief Executive Officer, stated, “We have had a lot of work in the past months, last summer was very good, and now we are looking towards the winter. We are in a pleasant position to announce two new routes this December from Larnaca. Both Paris Charles De Gaulle and Rome Fiumicino airports are important gateways for incoming tourism and business travel to Cyprus.”

This news comes along with another important announcement from CY, which plans to create its own fully digital tour operator under the name “Cyprus Airways Holidays.”

“The tour operator will offer exclusive holiday packages with Cyprus Airways in the best hotels in Cyprus, as well as in hotels in destinations where we fly abroad. For example, someone can book holidays from Cyprus to Rome, Paris, as well as in other new and existing destinations,” Sies said.

Until October 2022, Cyprus Airways operated the smaller A319 in Europe. Today, the fleet is composed of only two Airbus A320s. Photo: Alberto Cucini/Airways

The Context Surrounding Cyprus’ Aviation

The small, Southeastern European country of Cyprus experienced during the last decade a turbulent and delicate situation surrounding its domestic and national commercial aviation operations. CY, its national carrier, was founded in 1947 and proved its success in the following years, operating intercontinental flights to the United States and Asia from Larnaca.

However, in 2015, due to an illegal cash flow provided by the country’s government to save the airline, the administrative headquarters of the company declared bankruptcy and ceased operations, leaving Cyprus with no airline to operate flights.

Cobalt Air (CO) lasted only three years until financial problems struck the airline and forced it to cease operations in 2019. Photo: Adrian Nowakowski/Airways

In 2016, a new carrier started operations in the country as a successor to CY. Called Cobalt Air (CO), it took over only the European route network of Cyprus with its small fleet of seven Airbus A319 and A320 aircraft.

Again, financial issues related to debts and low cash flow forced Cobalt to cease operations in 2019. It was clear that the country was struggling to maintain a profitable airline for more than three years.

The government of Cyprus reestablish CY once more in 2019, with a new image and a discrete fleet of only two aircraft. The airline grows in routes and aircraft without showing any signs of financial trouble at the moment.

We’ll see in the coming years if CY stays long in the country this time around.

Featured image: Alberto Cucini/Airways

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