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  1. July 19, 08:31

    Dear Airways,

    I particularly enjoyed the “Airlines of Alaska: Part 2” article by David Stringer. In 1965 the very first flight I ever took was on Pacific Northern Airlines. There is a 50/50 chance that the Boeing 720 pictured in the magazine is the same one in my snapshot taken through the window at the gate at Sea-Tac. Imagine that!

    I have another snapshot taken by my father of me at the top of the airstairs in Anchorage as we boarded for our return flight. The puzzle is that the this aircraft was, apparently, one that PNA picked up from Braniff as the main color is ochre. But, I distinctly recall that one being a 707 because of onboard markings. The info I found so far is that the PNA aircraft from Braniff were all 720’s. I found only one vague reference to an ex-Braniff 707 flying with PNA. My photo doesn’t show any registration numbers.

    Is my memory faulty? That would be no surprise after all these years. Were 707 “spare parts” on the 720? Anyway, it is a fun mystery and the article brought back great memories. To top it off, I think I looked rather dapper as a 12 year old in a suit and tie.

    Thanks for a super magazine.

    Roger Lipera

  2. December 19, 16:21

    Dear Airways:
    Receive my greetings from Argentina.

    I want to know how my subscription to Airways Magazine (No. Issues) is because I am having problems with deliveries to destination.

    I have currently received the most recent AW-October 2017 number.
    ALTE. BROWN 485

    Thank you very much for your attention. Sincerely,

    Alte. Brown 485, S21324AEG, Roldan

  3. March 22, 10:57

    Feb 14th I contacted you by phone to ask for a replacement of my Feb.18 issue of your magazine. I was told it would be sent. Two weeks later I called again and told it would be sent. Now 3 weeks later I still do not have it. You must expidite the replacement. Your service must improve. I want my Feb 18 issue now!

  4. stevej
    stevej April 09, 18:41

    I have been trying for 4 months to get information from you on when I will be able to access the 2 years (2015, 2016) subscriptions I lost when you changed the app. Despite a number of emails there has been nothing from you since December 2017. Appalling service at best.

    I know I am not the only one affected by this – get your act together and give us our magazines back. You took the money.

  5. Clelia Olivares
    Clelia Olivares April 10, 09:35

    Dear Mr. Jamieson

    We are terribly sorry for this mishandling. We are currently focusing on the editions from 2017 onwards and then we will move on to the previous issues. It has taken longer than expected and we understand your discomfort. We apologize once again for the inconvenience this has caused and we will assist every customer affected by this problem.

  6. July 24, 21:59

    I enjoy the current format of Airways,particularly the airchive section.However it would be useful if articles in that section could be the subject of a one shot compilation,particularly in the case of airlines from non English speaking countries are concerned where there is a dearth of books in English.Examples of airlines who do not have histories published of them in English are Swissair,Alitalia and Iberia for example.

  7. July 24, 22:10

    An addendum needs to be made to Ken Donohue’s article Hopping across the Pacific with Qantas and Air Canada.The one stop joint service between Canadian and Qantas included Toronto,so you could fly(as I did in 1990)Toronto-Honolulu-Sydney changing aircraft in Honolulu.The Canadian aircraft from Toronto and Vancouver arrived in HNL at the same time.
    I agree with the author on Air Canada’s IFE,but on the domestic flights I took recently it wasn’t working.The meal trays in economy weren’t well designed allowing items to slip off.And if you boarded the AC flight in Toronto, no meal service was offered-only buy on board.That contrasts with the previous time I flew from Toronto to Sydney.

  8. Walkingthedog
    Walkingthedog August 28, 17:37

    Ref the article about Jet Airways. ‘Liquidate them further’?????? That’s a bit nasty.

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