China to Supply Spare Parts for Russian Airlines

China to Supply Spare Parts for Russian Airlines

DALLAS – The Chinese Ambassador to Moscow, Zhang Hanhui, has stated that China is ready to supply Russian airlines with aircraft replacement parts.

Following the start of Russia’s military action in Ukraine in February, the EU and the US enacted a series of sanctions against the country, including forbidding the lease and sale of aircraft to Russia, as well as the export of commodities and parts for the aviation industry to Russia.

Boeing and Airbus ceased servicing Russian carriers’ jets, raising fears that the country’s entire fleet will be grounded within months.

According to the Russian news outlet, RT, the diplomat told the Russian TASS news agency, “We are ready to supply spare parts to Russia. We will set up the cooperation. Now, [airlines] are working [on this]. They have certain channels. There are no restrictions on the part of China.”

This is one of SU’s A330-300 aircraft. Photo: Davide Calabresi/Airways

Maintenance and Repair Woes

In March, reports came out that Chinese companies had refused to supply Russian airlines with airplane parts due to fears of additional US penalties. Later, Russia said that it would expand its reliance on the Sukhoi Superjet airliner, which was developed domestically, and that it would begin producing parts in the country.

Then in May, reports surfaced that China requested proof that the aircraft owned by foreign leasing companies were no longer registered outside of Russia.

Having no response from Russian airlines, China decided to halt Russian Boeing and Airbus aircraft from flying through its territory over safety concerns, as western sanctions hurt non-Russian-made aircraft maintenance operations.

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Featured image: S7 Airlines A320-214 VQ-BRC. Photo: Kochan Kleps/Airways

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