Boeing, Airbus Announce 2023 First Quarter Deliveries

Boeing, Airbus Announce 2023 First Quarter Deliveries

DALLAS — Today, Boeing announced that it had delivered 130 jets over the first quarter of 2023, surpassing rival Airbus, which delivered 127 planes.

This is the first time since 2018 that Boeing has delivered more jets than European manufacturer Airbus, and it is a welcome sign for Boeing as aircraft production is back on course after years of disruptions. Boeing’s 2023 first quarter deliveries had increased by almost 27% compared to the first quarter of 2022 when the manufacturer only delivered 95 aircraft. 

The United States-based manufacturer delivered 64 aircraft in March alone, 53 of them being Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, up from 41 delivered in March 2022. Southwest Airlines and United Airlines each received 12 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in the month.

Furthermore, Boeing received 60 new aircraft orders in March compared to 22 cancellations. The bulk of the aircraft deliveries were Boeing 737 family, with 113 out of the 130 deliveries 737 family aircraft. Boeing’s Seattle Everton factory is expected to manufacture 31 737 jets monthly.

Even with a slow January and February because of a pause in Boeing 787 Dreamliner deliveries by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in February, Boeing delivered 11 Dreamliners. In the middle of March, Boeing recovered approval to resume deliveries and delivered 7 Dreamliners in March. Boeing also delivered four 777s, one 767 freighter aircraft to Federal Express (FX), and one 747 aircraft.

Photo: Airbus.

Airbus Q1 Deliveries

On its part, the French-based manufacturer delivered 127 aircraft in the first quarter, a 9% decline from the first quarter of 2022. Airbus suffered an engine shortage for its short-haul Airbus A320neo family aircraft. Airbus plans to increase production at its China assembly facility from four airplanes a month to six. The plant, located in Tianjin, China, has been renovated to manufacture the A321 aircraft. 

Airbus received more orders than Boeing, with 142 after cancellations to Boeing’s 38. Boeing’s order book included 40 orders of 737 MAX aircraft and 20 787 aircraft. However, Boeing received cancellations for 16 MAXs and six 787 aircraft. With that said Boeing was able to sell its first 737 MAX aircraft to Japan Airlines in late March after beating out a bid from Airbus with its Airbus A320neo aircraft.

Japan Airlines (JL) announced it would purchase 21 examples of the 737 MAX aircraft, with deliveries expected to begin in 2026. In the past two months, Boeing has received commitments for over 200 787 Dreamliners from Air India and Riyadh Air. 

In 2023, Airbus plans to deliver 720 jets compared to Boeing’s plan to deliver 400 737 MAX jets and 70 787 Dreamliners. While Boeing is on track to surpass its 737 MAX delivery goal, it will need to ramp up production of the 787 Dreamliner to meet the 70 delivery goal. This is up from 2021 levels when Boeing delivered 480 aircraft.

Featured image: N27751 Boeing Company Boeing 737-10 MAX First Flight | Photo: Brandon Farris/Airways

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