August 8, 2022
The Super-Transporter BelugaST Debuts in Latin America
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The Super-Transporter BelugaST Debuts in Latin America

DALLAS – As part of a mission to deliver an ACH160 helicopter to a Brazilian operator, the Super-Transporter BelugaST made its first landing in Fortaleza, Brazil.

The technologically advanced helicopter is to be assembled in the MRO of Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras (AD) Aerial facilities at Viracopos–Campinas International Airport (VCP) in the São Paulo State of Brazil, where the Beluga will fly before returning to Europe.

Airbus launched a new service in January to provide large cargo transportation for customers around the globe using the BelugaST. These cargo aircraft, based on the A300-600 design, have expanded their operational range beyond the confines of Airbus facilities to be able to fly missions throughout the globe carrying large cargo.

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The Airbus BelugaST lands in Brazil for the first time. Photo: Rodrigo Cozzato for Airbus

BelugaST Latin American Operations

With the new service, up to five BelugaST aircraft will fly with large cargo loads for contracted commercial clients, including companies that manufacture automobiles, spacecraft, helicopters, and manufacturing equipment, energy, petroleum, and gas.

According to Airbus, the flying whale will also transport military vehicles and other equipment for humanitarian aid organizations in the region.

Airbus in Latin America, the Caribean

With more than 700 aircraft operating throughout the region, Airbus has sold more than 1.100 aircraft in Latin America and the Caribbean and has more than 500 active orders on its order book, accounting for almost 60% of the market share of the fleet in service.

Since 1994, Airbus has successfully secured almost 70% of the region’s net orders.

Featured image: The Airbus BelugaST lands in Brazil for the first time. Photo: Rodrigo Cozzato for Airbus

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