Mario Bertoletti
Worked as Station Manager for over 30 years with Alitalia - Italian Airlines in 8 different countries - Retired since 1994 - Four year with a French newspaper as a local correspondent - Strong interest in writing and aviation. Based in Châteaugiron (Ille et Vilaine), France.

Aviation Pioneers: Marcel Bloch-Dassault

This is the story of French aviation pioneer, Marcel Bloch-Dassault, who became active in the aeronautical world in 1931.

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Aviation Pioneer Marcel Bloch-Dassault

Marcel Ferdinand Bloch made the decision to pursue a career in aviation at a young age after witnessing a Wright aircraft flying around

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4/08/1946: Ethiopian Airlines Begins Operations

Today in Aviation, Ethiopian Airlines (ET), formerly Ethiopian Air Lines, began operations in 1946.

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2/02/1969: Concorde Takes to the Skies

Today in Aviation, the Aérospatiale/BAC Concorde, the Anglo-French turbojet-powered supersonic passenger airliner icon, first flew in 1969.

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Squawking 7500: Handling a Hijacked Aircraft

A plane hijacking is a situation that no airport station manager wishes to encounter, but he or she has to know how to

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