September 28, 2022
Emily Newton

Emily Newton is a technology journalist. She is Editor-in-Chief of Revolutionized, an online magazine exploring the latest innovations.
AvGeek Safety

Did You Schedule Aircraft Maintenance to Prepare for Winter?

The winter months come with specific aircraft maintenance requirements that help travelers stay safe and ensure productive flights.

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Airlines Industry

Why Are Airlines Canceling More Flights?

Flight cancellations have always been a part of air travel. These disruptions aren’t necessarily new, but they’ve recently risen at

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Airlines Industry

How “Ghost Flights” May Threaten Sustainability in Commercial Aviation

What are ghost flights, and why are they still common more than two years after the start of the pandemic?

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Airports AvGeek

What Are the Best Materials for Airport Runways?

These are the top materials used during airport runway construction.

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How Do Aircraft Motion Control Systems Work?

A commercial aircraft's motion control systems are essential for helping it fly safely. Here’s a breakdown of how they work. 

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What Does Airport Security Look Like Post-COVID?

As some parts of the world move closer to a post-COVID period, many people wonder how the pandemic will impact

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Innovation Technology

Digital Transformation Helps Air Freight Soar

Here’s a look at why and how digital upgrades will help these organizations positively transform how they do business.

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