September 24, 2022
ATR Unveils Plans for Next-Generation ‘EVO’ Aircraft
ATR Industry Manufacturers

ATR Unveils Plans for Next-Generation ‘EVO’ Aircraft

DALLAS – Today, aircraft manufacturer ATR announced plans for a next-generation version of its best-selling family of aircraft, the ‘EVO’.

The new aircraft is scheduled to enter into service before 2030, and will feature a new powerplant with hybrid capabilities, along with various improvements that will lower operating costs for operators and improve passenger comfort.

Additionally, the aircraft will operate using 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), emitting over 50% less CO2 than a regional jet. According to the aircraft manufacturer, when using 100% SAF, the aircraft’s emissions will be close to zero.

With fuel costs rising, efficiency will be a key figure in its marketability to airlines. The ATR ‘EVO’ will offer cost savings to airlines through 20% lower fuel burn and 20% overall maintenance cost reduction.

In order to move forward with the ‘EVO’ project, ATR issued a Request for Information from the main engine manufacturers for the develoment of the new engine design. 

Photo: Alberto Cucini/Airways

Which Airlines Operate ATR Aircraft?

Current models of ATR aircraft, including the 72-500, 72-600, and 42-600, have become popular among regional airlines. 

Some of the most prominent operators include Wings Air, a subsidiary of the Lion Group, IndiGo, Azul Brazilian Airlines, and Air New Zealand. These airlines will be among the prime targets for ATR as it begins to develop the aircraft. 

The aircraft manufacturer specified airlines serving thin routes as a key market for the new ‘EVO’ aircraft, as it will be able to operate those routes more profitability. 

Photo: ATR

Executive’s Comments

ATR CEO Stefano Bortoli, said, “Our next generation of aircraft will be a step forward in responsible flying through further incremental innovation. When it enters the market, the new ATR ‘EVO’ will pave the way towards a decarbonised future for aviation.”

Stéphane Viala, ATR SVP Engineering, added, “The ATR ‘EVO’ will feature improved performance in terms of time to climb and an enhanced cabin, with increased use of lighter bio-sourced materials. Recyclability will also be at the heart of our new design.”

Featured Image: ATR

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