AirJapan Reveals Dreamliner Products, Services

AirJapan Reveals Dreamliner Products, Services

AirJapan Boeing 787 Dreamliner | Photo: AirJapan Official FB Page

DALLAS – The subsidiary carrier of ANA Holdings, AirJapan, has unveiled the fresh products and services that they will provide on inaugural flights. The airline that was launched last year will serve medium to long-haul destinations.

The startup airline will operate the Boeing 787 Dreamliner to serve its customers. It will have 324 economy class seats with an ample 32-inch seat pitch delivering ample leg and recline space, which is competitive to the industriousness standard presented by other carriers.

The company unveiled the products and services, including aircraft seats, employees’ uniforms, boarding music, an inflight menu, and a responsive website.

AirJapan Boeing 787 Dreamliner
AirJapan Boeing 787 Dreamliner | Photo: AirJapan Official FB Page

Inaugural Product

The airline is to offer affordable and comfortable cabin space under the brand concept of “Fly Thoughtful.” Economy class seats are to made of superior Japanese faux leather, famous for its lightweight, durable, and soft texture. The cabin interior and seats are designed by Acumen Design Associates and manufactured by Safran.

The new Japanese carrier also revealed a borderless uniform that promotes gender-neutral equality and is made from sustainable plant-derived fabrics.

AirJapan travelers will be treated to the sounds of “Ai” music during their flight, which features traditional Japanese shakuhachi and koto instruments and has been produced in collaboration with the Tokyo University of the Arts.

The new startup has launched a website to present its concept and new services to a broader audience, including access to official social media channels. The site will offer up-to-date announcements on flight schedules, routes, and other pertinent details and the choice to make flight reservations once ticket sales begin.

A Long-awaited Launch

It is with noting that AirJapan’s foundation date was actually June 29, 1990, after ex-pat JAL pilots were laid off earlier that same year. 32 years later, on March 8, 2022, the “AirJapan brand” was released boating a future medium-to-long-haul route reach.

However, AirJapan is the arm for ex-pat pilots and technically already flies a lot of flights for ANA, similar to what JALways used to do.

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Executive Comments

Following the unveiling of new products and services for the airline, the president of AirJapan, Hideki Mineguchi, said, “At AirJapan, we are dedicated to the passion of our passenger’s pursuits, which inspires us to create inflight products and services to foster the innovative spirit of those flying with us.”

 “We hope the launch of these new amenities creates a unique and outstanding travel experience for our passengers,” He further added.

The Japanese carrier plans to start operating flights next year under the full brand product in February 2024 and extend its network over time, concentrating on destinations in Asia.

Feature Image: AirJapan Boeing 787 Dreamliner | Photo: AirJapan Official FB Page

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