American Airlines Orders Four Embraer E175 for Envoy Air

American Airlines Orders Four Embraer E175 for Envoy Air

DALLAS — Major US carrier American Airlines (AA) has signed a firm order with Brazilian manufacturer Embraer to purchase four new E175 regional jets for its largest regional subsidiary airline, Envoy Air (MQ).

With all deliveries in Q4 of 2024, this order will increase MQ’s fleet size to over 150 aircraft by the end of 2024. The value of the order is calculated to be US$230.6 million.

N219NN Envoy Air Embraer E175. Photo: Tony Bordelais/Airways

Comments from Envoy Air, Embraer

Pedro Fábregas, President and CEO of Envoy Air, expressed his satisfaction with the new jets and their potential for growth with American Airlines. He mentioned that the additional four aircraft order follows a previous order announced in June. Fábregas highlighted the importance of these jets in serving American Airlines and the thousands of passengers they transport daily, emphasizing the excellent and reliable service they provide.

Martyn Holes, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Embraer Commercial Aviation, also commented on the significance of the new order. He stated that it demonstrates the E175’s importance in connecting various regions across the United States. Holes mentioned that this order is a positive sign that the market challenges are improving. He acknowledged the E175’s role as the backbone of the US regional network, with over 620 aircraft sold and an 86% market share since 2013. Holes expressed gratitude to American Airlines and Envoy for their longstanding partnership with Embraer.

These statements highlight the positive impact of the new aircraft order on MQ’s growth and the importance of the E175 in enhancing connectivity within the United States.

As of October 2023, MQ has 107 Embraer E175 aircraft and 22 Embraer E170s serving its fleet. Their fleet is solely made up of Embraer aircraft. MQ is a wholly owned subsidiary of AA and operates up to 700 daily flights to 160 destinations across the North American and South American continents.

Envoy Air was formerly known as American Eagle Airlines.

Feature Image: Envoy Air (American Eagle) Embraer E175LR (N221NN). Photo: Marty Basaria/Airways

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