American Airlines Cargo to Deliver Humanitarian Supplies to Haiti

American Airlines Cargo to Deliver Humanitarian Supplies to Haiti

DALLAS — On Monday, American Airlines Cargo (AA) announced its partnership with Airlink to transport essential medical and sanitation supplies to the island of Haiti. The partnership comes as Haiti struggles to control a deadly cholera outbreak. The Dallas-based carrier will be working with Airlink, a nonprofit humanitarian organization that helps transport aid to communities in crisis across the globe. 

This is the second time AA and Airlink have partnered to provide humanitarian aid to needy people. In March 2022, the partnership delivered aid to people affected by the war in Ukraine. AA has transported almost 90 tons of life-saving equipment to the region since March.

Further, through the partnership, AA has transported cargo and relief workers for 47 different nonprofit organizations and has helped humanitarian missions in 21 different countries. 

The airline will be transporting over 55 tons of medical supplies from Europe to Miami (MIA), where they will be staged for distribution to the Caribbean island. The Dallas-based carrier will serve as an important link in transporting blood tubes, clean water filters, personal protective equipment (PPE), and other necessary equipment to help fight the outbreak. 

Greg Schwendinger, President of American Airlines Cargo, commented, “We’re proud to partner with Airlink to make a positive impact on the world… At American, our mission is to care for people on life’s journey, and we are honored to play a role in transporting critical goods to the people and places they are needed most.”

The cholera outbreak has been rampant in Haiti since it began in October 2022. Cholera spreads through contaminated water and food and has affected thousands of people. 

In 2022, American and its customers donated 85 million AAdvantage miles to Airlink through the carrier’s Miles for Social Good program. According to AA, the miles have allowed 351 relief workers to travel to support humanitarian programs worldwide.

Featured image: American Airlines Newsroom

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