Airbus Summit 2022 to Explore Promising Innovations
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Airbus Summit 2022 to Explore Promising Innovations

DALLAS — With the tagline “Gathering pace towards sustainable aerospace,” the Airbus Summit is to take place between November 30 and December 1, 2022.

According to Airbus, the goal of this year’s summit builds on the momentum of the 2021 Summit: to highlight the tangible breakthroughs and achievements made by the aerospace industry as it accelerates its transition to a more sustainable future.

To explore promising innovations, disruptive technologies, and cross-sector initiatives that are accelerating the transition to net-zero aviation, business leaders, partners, and industry experts will join Airbus speakers “to exchange ideas and debate the challenges and opportunities that will transform our world.”

Sessions will cover topics such as the newest developments with Airbus’ ZEROe hydrogen-powered aircraft, hybrid energies, inventive new vertical flight features, cross-industry partnerships, and the future of space technologies.

Furthermore, the need for strong European defense and security will be addressed at the summit as a necessary step to meet the industry’s sustainability goals.

How to Access the Summit

Starting from 09:00 CET (Paris time) on 30 November, the event will be webcast live on Youtube here. On December 1, the webcast will also begin at 09:00 CET and will be streamed here.

Online audiences will be able to ask questions live to the speakers using Youtube’s dedicated Q&A function. Both links will remain available for playback after the event.

More information about the Summit’s themes and agenda, as well as key announcements and press releases published during the event, will be available on the Airbus website via this link.

Additionally, stay tuned to Airways for full coverage of the Airbus Summit 2022. Save the date!

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