Airbus to Not Meet 2022 Delivery Target

Airbus to Not Meet 2022 Delivery Target

DALLAS — Airbus will fall short of its 2022 commercial aircraft delivery target. The European-based manufacturer will not be able to meet the expected 700-aircraft target. Of the 700, only 563 have been delivered so far in 2022.

Airbus blames a “complex environment” for the shortcoming of deliveries.

Photo: Alberto Cucini/Airways

Aircraft Numbers

Of the 68 aircraft scheduled for November, 22 are bound for European carriers, 18 for North American carriers, 16 for Asian carriers, three for Latin American carriers, and three for Middle East carriers. Only one aircraft delivery in November was delivered to an African carrier, Ethiopian Airlines took delivery of an A320neo on the 18th.

New orders for November 2022 total 29 aircraft. However, 14 existing orders have been canceled this month as well. These numbers are incorporated into the Airbus backlog of 7,334 aircraft.

However, in November alone, Airbus delivered 68 aircraft to their respective buyers. Of the 68 aircraft, the majority belonged to the A320neo family. Also worth noting is that less than a quarter of these aircraft are widebody aircraft (the A330 and A350 families). Airbus also only delivered six of their A220 family aircraft, which has gained much traction over the past few months due to its versatility.

Photo: Alberto Cucini/Airways

2023 Goal

Airbus announced a new manufacturing goal of 65 A320 aircraft at assembly plants around the world by 2023. Airbus has also stated that it remains committed to its goal of reaching 75 aircraft by 2025.

Airbus’s total delivery number of 565 does not reflect the most recent deduction. 2 A350-900 aircraft were not delivered to the customer, Aeroflot (SU). Due to international sanctions, the aircraft could not be transferred, resulting in a straight delivery reduction.

For the entire fiscal year, over half of the Airbus deliveries have been single-aisle aircraft such as the A320 family and the A220 family.

Featured Image: Alberto Cucini/Airways

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